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Dept. of Agricultural Engineering

The national agricultural research center organization is opening the future of Korean Agriculture in the 21st century by mechanization and automation of Agriculture.

'Agriculture is the life, Farming is the future', and the owner is a farmer. Our people are able to have the great dining table in consequence of the grains, vegetables and meats made out with their hard effort. When the farmers, the same as our parents, siblings and friends, could cultivate valuable crops in more comfortable ways, all the nation can be hilarious as well. Department of Agricultural Engineering will make the agriculture more comfortable and stable workshop, and mesmerized industry that anybody wants to try out. We will try to do our best to develope the method that supply agricultural products with the better quality and reasonable price to consumers.

The Department of Agricultural Engineering

consists of 4 divisions and carries out 4 tasks such as the mechanization and automation technology in the agricultural production, energy saving technology for stable management of farm household, the postharvest technology for ameliorating value-added of agricultural products, and developing prevention technology for agricultural disasters.

Farming Automation Engineering Division

has been developing farming mechanization and automation technology that can cultivate crops more conveniently with less labor. We mainly research on automatic control system for plant factory and livestock facility, machinery for agricultural production such as upland crops, and urgently required at the farming field.

Energy and Environmental Engineering Division

has been developing the energy saving technology for stable management of farmers who are having difficulty in high oil prices. And, we mainly research on enhancing the warmth of farming facility, improving the energy efficiency of agricultural machineries and equipments, and developing application technology of new renewable energy in a farming field such as geothermal power and solar power.

Postharvest Engineering Division

has been developing mechanical technology to maximize the supply of safe and high-quality agricultural products. We mainly research on prompt measurement of quality and safety, distributing technology of agricultural foods, and constructing the highly value-added processing mechanism and the infrastructure of disposal facility in the producing district.

Disaster Prevention Division

has been developing the agricultural disaster prevention techniques for sound and stable farming infrastructures and improving the quality of agricultural work. The major areas of research include: policy support for agricultural mechanization, health and safety in farming, improvement of the structural safety of agricultural facility, and evaluation of quality and efficiency of agricultural work.

Farming Automation Engineering Division

pursuing on mechanization and automation technology of agriculture such as information-based farming system using artificial intelligence, robot, sensing, and measuring control, carries out research on producing plant factory that could produce massive plants throughout the year, precision agriculture, the automation of livestock facility, and also serves research on mechanization technology faced to farming field.

1. Grafting robot for fruit vegetables

As the grafting cultivation is getting spread out not only gourd, vegetables such as a water melon, cucumber etc, but also the vegetables including a egg plant such as a pepper, tomato etc, we recently developed grafting robot that grafts from 600 to 900 trees per hour which is faster and more accurate than human beings. This technic has been transferred to a producing company and distributed to not only our nation, but also advanced countries such as Canada, Italy and so on.

2. Vegetable transplanter

We developed vegetable transplanter from vegetable's transplanting task to reduce the labor. It is possible to keep working at the condition of non-covering and vinyl-covered package such as a chinese cabbage, pepper, broccoli, bean, and corn, and has been distributed to farming households by means of technically transferring to producing company.

3. Salt elimination system from agricultural water

We developed the salt elimination device that can dispose of it efficiently since the aggravation of an agricultural watercourse and the quality of underground water. It could be expected to produce safe agricultural products and improve its quality as it is available to eliminate 100% of iron content, a positive ion, and 90 to 100% of negative ion and sterilize 100% of general bacteria as well.

Division of Energy and Environmental Engineering

consists of 3 research laboratories that are facility energy, energy saving, and renewable energy laboratories. Firstly, the facility energy laboratory carries out the research focusing on a new concept of agricultural facility for the agricultural facility's energy diagnosis & consulting, improving warmth & minimum warming up skill, and minimizing the input of energy cost. Secondly, energy saving laboratory research on the technique that can advance energy efficiency by using synthetic·union skill of high-technology. Lastly, renewable energy laboratory searches for the energy in new resources such as solar power, geothermal power, water power, and a microorganism fuel cell. We have been trying to construct an infrastructure for a green agricultural facility of "ZERO" fossil energy organically cooperated with each laboratory, develop and distribute an environment-friendly energy technique in the agricultural field.

1. Development and distribution of horizontal geothermal hit pump system

It has appeared that the cost of heating energy saved 78% as a result of a performance test by setting up horizontal geothermal hit pump at a farming household from 2005 to 2007. We have been distributing it to 91.1ha of the gardening facility with the budget of 111 billion since 2008 for accommodate a recommendation for the new renewable energy policy of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and will continuously distribute in the future.

2. Developing and distributing a ventilation device for heat recovery

We developed a ventilation device model that can be reused in the agricultural facility by collecting the discharged heat when it is ventilated, to decrease the loss of energy taken out from agricultural facility in 2007. We distributed it to the farming household since the core technique transferred to the industry, appeared to save 50% of energy cost as a result of application test on the actual field like a mushroom cultivator in 2008, and persistently application test that could be valuable to the farming facilities.

Postharvest Engineering Division

develops censor technology which promptly measures sugar content, freshness, and harmful substances(the germ of food-poisoning, pesticide residues, and heavy metals, etc) and the high-technology agricultural food processing mechanism with maintaining cleanliness, sterilization, storing, transportation mechanics, and the taste & quality of agricultural foods. And we have been increasing farming incomes and its value-added through constructing the infrastructure of producing place disposal facility that massively sort, pack, process, and distribute the agricultural products from the origin.

1. Developing a non-destructive fruit saccharinity grader

We have developed non-destructive fruit saccharinity grader that can distinguish fruits such as an apple, pear, peach, tangerine, water melon, and persimmon without a taste and technically transferred to 5 enterprises. And, we have been raising agricultural food's value-added by application at 103 of the producing circulation centers.

2. Developing cleansing machine for the distribution of safe·credible agricultural products

We have developed cleansing machine to supply cleanly rinsed and sterilized green vegetables(a sesame leaf, lettuce and Pak Choi(Brassica campestris var. chinensis ), and technically transferred to 5 producing enterprises. And, we have been distributing safe·credible agricultural products by application it at 100 of the producing circulation centers.

3. Developing the device of a high percentage of humidity & a low-temperature keeping

We have been realizing high-quality storing by developing a low-temperature keeping device that maintains freshness for a long time and applies at 170 farms, as restraining loss of moisture by maintaining the relative humidity more than 90% during the keeping period of fruits & vegetables at a low-temperature storing.

Disaster Prevention Division

accomplishes the tasks, such as policy development, test & evaluation of agricultural machinery, to gain a foothold in sound and safe application of agricultural machines. In addition, research focusing on preventing the natural and human disasters by recent climate change is also conducted.

1. Support policy on agricultural mechanization and technique development for safe application

Agricultural machine's demand tendency & prevention, development of leasing agricultural machine guideline & education support, and adjustment of a standard amount of support in tax-exemption oil are inflected in a policy. It is supported to apply in education by publishing a statistic of agricultural machine safety concerns, safety education, and the public & relation materials, and recently provided the information such as an agricultural machine's repairing skill, safe application, and application cost by the internet.

2. Development of the multi-functional bank sheet around a rice field to prevent the bank's breakdown and save wedding cost.

We developed the multi-functional sheet for the bank around a rice field which can alleviate hard weeding work by restraining the weed growth and prevent the bank's breakdown by controlling water leakage and localized torrential downpour. Additional functions, such as anti-sliding and biodegradability, were included to the multi-functional bank sheet

3. Alleviation of agricultural disasters and development of prevention techniques.

We have been supporting industrialization by finding out the reason of agricultural disasters & prevention techniques for 'Constructing prevention management system of agricultural disasters' included in the national fundamental plans in life quality improvement for agricultural & forestry workers. Particularly, it has been proposed 20 cases of political consideration with which 'the national support for the human disasters of agricultural worker' has to be included in rural agricultural food foundation law including the development of agricultural safe model's prevention project & technique support. Farmer's health safety information center ( : link up with 1.3 millions / year