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Lee Yongbeom Ph. D.

Agriculture and rural community has always played a crucial role not only in conserving the environment, but also in preserving cultural heritage. It is also the core industry as the basis of BT (BioTechnology) and ET(Environment Technology) leading the 21st century.

Competitive agriculture, clean environment, safe agricultural products, and living and breathing rural community with tradition and culture which are our desirable goals. About 400 researchers are working hard to achieve the goals day and night.

We perform extensive studies in various fields such as investigation for change of agricultural environment & soil resources, research for plant nutrition & soil microbe, pests management & security of safe agricultural products, preservation of agricultural ecosystem & culture, mechanization of agriculture & development of technology for energy reduction, research on agricultural bio-technology, modernization & globalization of Korean food, efficiently management of agricultural genetic resource and so on. Through these activities, we make every effort to provide a benefits for the people, consumers who care about and support agriculture, as well as farmers.

Finally, we will do our best to post sufficient information in the areas of agricultural science technology such as agricultural environment, agricultural biology, safety of agricultural products, agricultural engineering, biology resource, globalization of Korean food, and agricultural genetic resource on our homepage.

We will sincerely appreciate your particular attention and support.